Chelsea & Todd

Chelsea moved back into Manhattan in July 2016 after a brief stint on Long Island (after which her brother Jared inherited her Mazda — he still hates her to this day for that). She was ready to start dating by the fall and downloaded Bumble, but as Todd would come to learn, she was too lazy to actually use it. Chelsea and Todd matched on November 6 and Chelsea opened up with a simple, “Hey!” But, she was taken aback by Todd’s grammatically incorrect, “Hey whatsup I ended up having a lazy Sunday watching some football haha. How’s everything going with you?” and she ignored him. Todd luckily tried to chat with Chelsea again and this time she answered — a full 10 days later. Todd didn’t waste any time giving Chelsea his phone number so they could actually talk, and for some reason Chelsea broke one of her dating rules and decided to actually text him first. Chelsea texted Todd on November 27 and they made plans to meet two days later. The rest is history!