Emily & Joe

Our Story

Emily & Joe first met in February 2019 as co-workers in their favorite Boston coffee shop through their mutual friend Louisa. Emily needed help on a project and Louisa thought Joe would be the perfect person to help. Not wanting to make things awkward with his project partner, Joe waited to make any moves. But, Joe did not have to wait very long. With a little bit of luck, Joe found Emily on a dating app (Hinge) and asked Emily out on a date. Emily and Joe ended up talking for so long on their first two dates that they missed dinner… both times! It was clear since the very beginning that they were destined for each other.

A few of Emily and Joe’s favorite memories together include:

Boston: biking along the Charles every day and welcoming their rambunctious puppy, Daisy, into their apartment. 

Colorado: attending concerts at Red Rocks and skiing some of their best powder days in Breckenridge. 

Seattle: camping by the water and enjoying beautiful sunsets from their balcony.

During a sunset walk on the coast in Seattle, Joe got down on one knee and proposed to Emily. Now engaged, Emily and Joe are so excited to return to the East Coast to celebrate their love with family & friends this September.