Lexi & Jon

Jon said this: 

When we met we had an instant connection. It felt like we had known each other for years and we immediately knew we had something special. As our relationship grew so did our friendship. We work in the same field and have a great understanding of each other both professionally and personally. We are both the youngest of 3 and are excited for a double mezinka. We are both happy to say that ‘I am marrying my best friend’ 

The morning of the engagement, we were on Long Island for Jon’s grandmother’s unveiling. We had to make it back to the city for Lexie’s friend’s bridal shower, but we’re stuck in crazy traffic and it was looking like Lexie might only make the last half hour of the shower. She was deciding whether or not to go, while Jon was texting her sister trying to convince her to go to the shower so that he would have time to get the apartment ready. Finally, Lexie decided to go to the end of the shower while Jon prepared the apartment.  

While she was at the friend’s bridal shower, Jon was getting the whole apartment ready for the proposal.  

When Lexie entered the apartment, the whole place was covered with roses and her favorite song was playing. There was a big box and a card for Lexie. The card told her to look inside the box, where there was a custom Needlepoint canvas saying “Lexie, will you marry me?”